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Colombian Supremo

Colombian Supremo


Named because of their unusually large size, Colombian Supremo is a wonderful Arabica coffee offering. These beans have a smooth yet unmistakable flavor profile. Packed with sweet, fruity, and nutty tones​ that follow a fruity and floral aroma, the brew is composed of a rich, full body with a smooth acidity and finish.


It is imported fresh, then specialty roasted and promptly delivered to you in it's peak freshness, with the fullness of it's natural flavors and antioxidants.


Premium coffee details:

·        10 or 16 oz freshness sealed bag 

·       100% Arabica bean


Flavor profile: 

  • Notes of milk chocolate, mild notes of caramel, cherry & orange 
  • Citrusy flavor, medium-bodied, and rich acidity with a clean and sweet aftertaste 


Roasting Profiles:

  • Light roast: more original qualities of coffee bean, less oil, more acidic, brightest roast.
  • Medium roast: richer dark brown color than light roast. Roasting process causes aromas and flavors to blend with the brightness of the original coffee bean. A perfect balance of body and acidity.
  • Dark roast: darker than medium, resembling chocolate. Smoother taste, notes from the roasting stand out bolder. Oil is visible on roasted beans.
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    $10.59Sale Price