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Costa Rica Tarrazu

Costa Rica Tarrazu

This comes from a conglomerate of small farmers in Costa Rica. It is both balanced and sweet, and also has a creamy body and bright acidity. It is exceptionally great in light-medium to full medium roasts.


All of our coffee is roasted fresh and immediately shipped to you in order to preserve the freshness and quality of the coffee bean; this allows you to enjoy the coffee in its best state.


Flavor Profile


  • Notes: red apple, orange, toffee
  • Creamy and medium-light in body



Roasting Profiles:

  • Light roast: more original qualities of coffee bean, less oil, more acidic, brightest roast.
  • Medium roast: richer dark brown color than light roast. Roasting process causes aromas and flavors to blend with the brightness of the original coffee bean. A perfect balance of body and acidity


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