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Ethiopian Sidamo

Ethiopian Sidamo

A very rich and high quality import, this coffee offers a full spectrum of vibrant flavors that blend together perfectly; combining rich, forward notes of fruit with the medium bodied taste of the natural coffee. This natural Sidamo is known for it’s complex flavor, low acidity, and soft and bright finish.


All of our coffee is roasted fresh and immediately shipped to you in order to preserve the freshness and quality of the coffee bean; this allows you to enjoy the coffee in its best state.


Flavor Profile


  • Notes: fruit/berries, lemon, cocoa
  • Soft and bright



Roasting Profiles:

  • Light roast: more original qualities of coffee bean, less oil, more acidic, brightest roast.
  • Medium roast: richer dark brown color than light roast. Roasting process causes aromas and flavors to blend with the brightness of the original coffee bean. A perfect balance of body and acidity.
  • Dark roast: darker than medium, resembling chocolate. Smoother taste, notes from the roasting stand out bolder. Oil is visible on roasted beans.


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    $11.25Sale Price